Ajrakh Hand Block Printed Modal Silk Pant - Coffee Black

Rs. 3,150.00

The product is a coffee black regular fit, modal silk pant with drawstring waist band, elasticated back and pockets. Drape the festivity with comfort and grace. Craft: Ajrakh is an ancient hand block printed, resist-dyeing technique using natural dyes, that was originated in Sindh, Pakistan and practised by the Khatri community. It thrived in India with the migration of artisans to the villages in Kutchh, Gujarat and some parts of Rajasthan.Derived from the Arabic word 'Azraq', meaning 'blue', the color indigo holds a key importance in the craft. Traditionally Ajrakh was printed on both sides of the fabric and designs were made symmetrical and multi-directional making it easy for the people to drape the fabric without worrying about the right side or any direction.
The process involves 16 stages including treatment , printing and washing of the fabric repeatedly with various natural dyes and mordents such as harda, lime, alizarin, indigo, and even camel dung. It is a time consuming process and takes about 15-20 days to develop a soft and beautiful textile.


Dry clean recommended for this product.

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